How Long is A Brazilian Visa Good For?

Brazilan visas come in two forms. 


Paper based Brazil visa applications which result in a sticker in your passport.  This process is required for some countries and takes a longer period of time due to physically sending documents and your passport and application materials.   These visas are more expensive as well, a US citizen the fee is $160. These visas; however, are good for 10 years from date of issue.

Brazilian e-Visas are quick and easy and do not require sending documents via mail or Fedex.  These Brazilian e-Visas maintain validity for 2 years from date of issue or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

You are allowed to stay up to 90 days per visit to Brazil and a total of 180 days per year in the country as a tourist. You can stay 180 consecutive days in Brazil but you’ll need to go to the Policia Federal and request an extension.


What if I overstay my Brazilian visa?

Overstaying your visa can happen in two cases:

1. You've stayed beyond the 90 days granted to you.

2. You've stayed more than 180 days during a 1 year period.

Once you’ve overstayed your tourist visa you will be subject to a fine of R$100 per day that you overstay, with the maximum fine being R$10,000. Whether you overstay 100 days or 10 years the fine is the same.

When you leave Brazil via airport, if they notice that you’ve overstayed they will take you into the holding room and asked to acknowledge and sign a form stating that you overstayed and agree to pay a fine.  This isn't a good situation and the lesson here is be prepared to pay consequences.

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