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Australian ETA visas as fast as 1 Hour!

Australian visas are requred for all travelers prior to entering Australia.  The ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) works as an electronic visa and it tied to your passport and can be issued for citizens of 35 countries  We can personally guide you through the easy application process to ensure you obtain your Australian visa in time for your trip in as quick as 1 hour!

Easy. Complete an Australian eTA application online.  No need to deal with the Embassy or mailing eVisa applications.

Fast.  Expedited Australia eTA services are available, as fast as in 1 hour!

Trusted.  Worldwide services since 1992, over 10,000 Australian ETA's issued!

Visa Type Processing Validity Max stay Embassy fee Service fee Total cost
1 Hour 365 90 $25 $69 $94
6 Hours 365 90 $25 $39 $64
24 Hours 365 90 $25 $19 $44
1 Hour 365 90 $25 $69 $94
6 Hours 365 90 $25 $39 $64
24 Hours 365 90 $25 $19 $44

Australia Multiple Tourist visa requirements

Copy of Passport information Page

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Evisas are issued by the foreign governmental agency and vary depending upon the country.  Some visas (such as Australian ETA's) can take as little as 30 minutes.  Others can take longer, more like 6-7 days to process.   That being said, electronic evisas are much faster than paper visas due to the lack of need to send documents, stand in line, and go through paperwork.  Its the most efficient way to obtain a visa for your trip.

Visas are issued based on who issued your passport.  Most countries categorize your visa need into the following categories.

  • Visa Not Needed.  Some countries allow travelers to enter their country without prior authorization via a visa
  • Paper visa Needed.  Visas are required ahead of time, and through a paper based process carrying documents to an Embassy, obtaining the visa in the form of a sticker in a passport.
  • E Visa - The most efficient method; however, limited to only certain nationalities. 

You'll find more Frequently Asked Questions on e-Visas in our Resource Center.  


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E-Visa is the easiest way to get permit of entry into and travel within the territory of chosen country for the purpose of short stay. All you need to do is to complete the online application form and pay with your credit/debit card instead of applying through Country Embassy. After receiving your Visa through email, print it out and bring it along when you travel to chosen country.  Evisas are available for 20+ countries and growing.